Women for Politics aims to have a free, fair and equal political representation and participation of women in South Asia


Ritu Jaiswal with villagers

Stories of Women Political Leaders from across South Asia


An interview series with men and women politicians about politics as a career choice for women 

Women Power and Politics

Interviews with radical, progressive, women political leaders in the South Asia region who are blazing the trail

knowledge exchange

Build synergies across stakeholders to strengthen women in politics


Research and policy monitoring initiatives in South Asia

Negative Discourse Normalises VAW

Discourses on violence against women in politics and lack of substantive representation dominate discussions on women and politics. Such discourses may lead to women's work being defined by the challenges they face. This adversely impacts women's motivation in politics.

Positive Narrative contributes to creating a Positive Space

We agree that violence and discrimination against women in politics occur. However, we believe that women politicians' achievements deserve recognition and a focus on these achievements can promote women in politics, create positive role models for women aspirants and engender further steps towards free and fair political participation and representation of women.

Men Politicians can be enablers

Where political spaces are dominated by men, they can play a critical role by acting as allies of women and promote women colleagues in political spaces.  


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