Sugandha works with the education team at Tata Trusts in India. At 17, she moved to the national capital for undergraduate studies. Her experiences as a young woman in Delhi and a passion for social work  led her to pursue Women’s studies. She was invited by the EU Delegation to study legal and political institutions in Europe where she visited the European Women's Lobby and learnt about women’s status in Europe. For her research on sex workers, she was awarded a research fellowship under TISS-LSE collaboration. She has elaborate experience in volunteering and continues to volunteer her time to the cause of empowering women and youth. She did a second Masters in Human Rights Law at SOAS, University of London.


Akhil has worked on public policy and governance, is passionate about politics and wants to contribute towards responsible politics. He attended Ashoka University as part of Young India Fellowship. In the past, he has worked on issues of foreign policy, policy communications and education. He was part of Jagriti Yatra, travelling across India in a train meeting social entrepreneurs. He loves travelling and has travelled across India, Bhutan and Sri Lanka.

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