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Beyond Victims 2021 - Pakistan

Our next edition in the Beyond Victims - 2021 brings to you stories of inspiring women political leaders from Pakistan

This year's Beyond Victims series will be following one South Asian country for each of its parts and highlight the leadership of women in politics aiming to change the narrative to 'women as change-makers'.

At Women for Politics (WfP), we are committed to breaking the narrative of women as victims who need to be saved and seen as beneficiaries and move beyond victims narrative to women as change-makers and leaders through 'Beyond Victims' newsletter series.

In our inaugural edition Beyond Victims series 2020, we curated stories of women’s political leadership during the crisis posed by the pandemic.

Contributors: Rishika, Aleena, Sanika, Manisha, from Team Women for Politics

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If you come across similar stories of women's leadership in South Asia, please email us.


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