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✊ Beyond Victims #2022 - Pakistan

Our sixth edition of this year’s Beyond Victims Series brings you stories of inspiring women political leaders from Pakistan.

Shazia Marri

Federal Minister and Member of National Assembly (MNA)

Shazia Marri, as an MNA, resolved water access issues for thousands residing in remote areas of her constituency. She installed a 241 km freshwater pipeline project in Achhro Thar of Khipro, which comprises 107 small villages. She has connected over 2000 households and schools with solar electricity owing to obstacles in connecting to the grid. Shazia has been focusing on road connectivity and providing healthcare access.

– The News, Jun 2018

Yasmeen Rashid

Provincial Minister, Punjab

Yasmeen Rashid’s student activism during her college years laid foundations for her political career. A medical doctor by profession, she led Punjab through the Covid 19 pandemic despite suffering from the virus and dealing with breast cancer herself. Her dedication to public service during the pandemic has been widely applauded.

– Gulf News, May 2021

Aisha Ghaus Pasha

Minister of State for Finance and Revenue

Aisha Ghaus Pasha is an academic and economist turned politician. Before becoming a Member of National Assembly (MNA), she served as a Member of Provincial Assembly and Finance Minister of Punjab, making significant contributions to committees set up for price control, energy, education and development programmes in the province. She advocates for non-politicising women’s issues like their representation in labour, assemblies and economy despite political differences.

– Dawn, Mar 2022

Humera Alwani

Former Member of Provincial Assembly

Humera Alwani is a two time Member of Provincial Assembly in Sindh, representing Thatta. Sindh became the first province to legislate against honour killing where Humera played a critical role in drafting the bill that makes honour killing a capital offence. During her tenure, she worked extensively on infrastructure and rehabilitation in Thatta, alongside advocating for girl child education and human rights.

– Multiple Sources

Ismat Shahjahan


A socialist-feminist politician, Ismat Shahjahan contested 2018 General Elections from Awami Workers Party, promising equality and progress for women, girls and transgender community and human rights protection in her campaign. She is the President of the Women Democratic Front, a feminist resistance movement based in Pakistan. As an activist, she is instrumental in organising Aurat Azaadi March (a feminist movement) in Islamabad since 2019, overcoming attacks.

– Tribune, Dawn

Curated by: Akhil Neelam and Aleena Ahmed

Design: Vida Seraphina (

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