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✊ Beyond Victims #2022 - Maldives

Our penultimate edition of this year’s Beyond Victims Series brings you stories of inspiring women political leaders from Maldives.

Aneesa Ahmed

Former Minister and MP

Aneesa Ahmed received the prestigious “International Woman of Courage” for her work against gender-based violence. As a Deputy Minister of Women’s Affairs, she raised the issue of domestic violence, a taboo subject at that time. After her stint with the government, she founded an NGO - “Hope for Women”, that supports women empowerment efforts and sensitises government officials, students and other community workers about gender-based violence.


Moomina Haleem

First Woman Minister and Elected Parliamentarian

Moomina Haleem spearheaded efforts during 1978 nationwide cholera outbreak and was widely applauded for her services. Under her leadership, health workers were trained and sent to each Island - before that there was only one health worker per atoll. She became inspiration to several women in her constituency, Male where women groups rallied behind and encouraged her to contest elections for a second term.

– Multiple Sources

Aminath Shauna

Minister of Environment, Climate Change and Technology

Starting her career as a journalist covering the first multi-party Presidential elections in 2008, Aminath Shauna entered politics by assisting and supporting Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP). She was elected President of the MDP’s Youth Wing in 2010, serving a four-year term. She also worked extensively with two Presidents on policy matters, especially on climate change and the environment.

Aishath Mohamed Didi

Minister of Gender, Family and Social Services

Aishath Mohamed Didi set up several safe homes for children and shelter homes for women faced with abuse and domestic violence across atolls. She was also a member of the United Nation’s Task Force on Gender and its Task Force on Youth and Adolescents. Before becoming a politician, she dedicated 14 years towards the development of schools in Addu and Fuahmulah City.

– Multiple Sources

Eva Abdulla

Deputy Speaker of the Parliament

Eva Abdulla is a three-term Member of Parliament representing Galolhu North constituency and actively advocating for democracy and human rights. She became the first woman to be elected to a governing council in a political party. She sponsored the Whistleblower Protection bill, which aims to check corruption and violation of human rights. She oversaw the smooth functioning of parliament sessions online during the Covid-19 pandemic.

– Multiple Sources

Curated by: Akhil Neelam

Design: Vida Seraphina (

Contributors: Sajida Majdee and Swosti Bastola

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